It’s Madness!

It’s that time of year again- March Madness!! One of my favorite times of year. Tomorrow, Butler, Gonzaga, Michigan State, Louisville, etc. will be on the court and it’s going to be wonderful. I’m kind of miffed I have to go to school- clearly, Thursday and Friday should be holidays. Nevertheless, despite my classes, I’ll be glued to ESPN and BracketBound during every free second for the next couple of weeks.

As I’ve  been filling out my bracket, it’s always difficult to judge where to go place my faith in Duke. Being a current (and forever) Tar Heel, UNC is clearly where my allegiance lies and being a Tar Heel comes part and parcel with being a Duke hater, if only just in basketball. Taking away my Tar Heel pride, it is undeniable that Duke University helps define Durham as a whole.  And in being a part of The Voice this semester, I have grown attached to Durham and love every single one of our features highlighting the wonderful people of Durham, and I want to support them in any way possible.

But does supporting Duke help northeast central Durham? Is downtown defined by Duke? Do Durhamites revel in the success of Blue Devils or is there more of an attraction to UNC? It is unique to have two consistently incredible basketball program within ten miles of each other, so is the fandom extremely polarizing? Not being a native, I can’t say for sure what Duke’s influence is on the community and I’m not sure if outsiders, including myself, will ever fully understand Durham’s acceptance, love and hate of Duke University. It is complicated and has been developing for the last hundred years.

For better or for worse, I have Duke going to the Sweet Sixteen. Check out my bracket- sadly my ESPN account isn’t viewable to others until after the second round, so here is my bracket in two screen shots. I would love to see who your bracket and if you want, we can have our very own Durham Voice pool! That’s only if we have a lot of entries, though, so spread the word.

Top Half of the Bracket/Bottom Half of the Bracket

bracket1 bracket2

By: Allie Barnes


One thought on “It’s Madness!

  1. While Duke is very much a part of Durham, it’s also disconnected from the culture of the city. Downtown Durham is its own entity, compared with say, Chapel Hill, which is a classic college town.

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