Honorable Mentions

This semester, the Durham Voice has been getting A LOT of love. To say that I’m proud would be an understatement. It’s almost overwhelming. Like I said in my first blog post, I came into Jock’s community journalism class without the slightest idea of his passion and drive to reach and give northeast central Durham, a wonderful place filled with wonderful people, a voice. Five years after the launch of this “lab” newspaper, we’ve reached beyond the this small corner of North Carolina.

DVblogThe semester for our new group of Durham Voice journalists started on January 9th. Six weeks later, (SIX WEEKS guys- that’s only about 42 days!) we were prominently featured in the News and Observer. Executive Editor John Drescher wrote it, and it was lovely piece, describing in detail Jock’s vision, what we students are doing and the type of stories we are working on. That article alone was shared 179 times on Facebook and was tweeted 77 times. That’s incredible! Since the News and Observer has such a large readership base, it truly made me fee like we reached a larger part of the state, branching out past the communities of Chapel Hill and Durham. We said we were going to burst that college bubble, and we did! I thought that was going to be the highlight of the semester.

Then, yesterday, we were mentioned in a Daily Tar Heel article. It was just a mention- no details, no summary, nothing like that. It isn’t even comparable to the News and Observer piece. Yet, I was just as thrilled. The love we received from the DTH meant that all of the students were exposed to our goal and knew that we existed. Passion may be kindled in a few students who may be able to take the Durham Voice to places we’ve never dreamed. Progress, progress, progress. I really didn’t think we could have much better press, at least not this semester.

DVblog2And then, today happened. We were featured in the Huffington Post. THE HUFFINGTON POST. I was floored. The article, of course, centered around the anniversary of former UNC-CH student body president Eve Carson. But out of all the programs that were inspired from Eve and her death, they chose to highlight us. We have a whole paragraph and a direct link to our site! The HuffPost is a national publication, and we’ve potentially reached millions of readers.

In a matter of two weeks, we’ve gone from mainly only reaching our lovely corner of North Carolina to reaching a the entire UNC-CH student body, to the state, to the nation. We’ve also been featured in local blogs, like John Robinson‘s. It’s been a crazy ride. And just think- we’re only halfway through the semester. Where will the next six weeks take us?

By: Allie Barnes


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