All for one, one for all

You know us- we’re always trying to come up with ideas to expand our publication and help the northeast central Durham community grow and develop in unity. The community is always so lively and full of fun wonderful events that we get to cover, so we got to thinking… why not make a community calendar?

community calendraAnd so that is what we did. Our Community Calendar even has its own tab on our website so that it is easily accessible. It looks good, if you ask me!

Now, of course it is near impossible for us to know all of what is going on in this wonderful little town. Sadly, our school responsibilities keep up inside our college bubble for a lot of the time. To make sure everything is included, we opted to let the calendar be open to anyone. So, if you know of an event for a school, church, restaurant, community center or neighborhood anniversary party, put it on the calendar so that everyone can see. Sometime we’ll even give a shout out on our social media sites to things going on that day, so that the maximum amount of people know. I personally think it’s brilliant.

As you can see from the picture above, our calendar is pretty bare- it’s just begging for more additions. March Madness should apply to more than our local UNC-CH and Duke basketball teams, so have at our calendar. Spread the word- it will only be useful if a lot of people know about it.

Here’s to another wonderful Durham Voice addition!

By: Allie Barnes


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