We’re all in this together

Andy Bechtel's editing class

Andy Bechtel’s Advanced Editing class

One thing is sure about the Journalism School at UNC-CH– we love working together. In a win/win stroke of brilliance, the articles of the Durham Voice (and Carrboro Commons) are edited by Professor Andy Bechtel’s Advanced Editing class (JOMC 457).

“It’s a great chance for student editors to work on stories reported and written by their fellow students in the [Journalism] school. It also allows the students to learn a lot about the communities we’re covering,” Prof. Bechtel says.

Professor Bechtel has been working with Professor Lauterer since 2007 when his class began editing articles for the Carrboro Commons, in what he deems a “natural collaboration”. Originally the Advanced Editing class only worked with the Carrboro Commons content, but they eventually (and thankfully!) took on the Durham Voice as well. But the editing class doesn’t stop at editing- each story is also formed into a cohesive, printable package. Now, readers can easily print out a story or two and put it on their refrigerator. Can I say perfect?

It’s undeniable that the Advanced Editing class plays an essential role in making the Durham Voice what it is. To Prof. Bechtel and the gang- thank you so much for all that you for us.

In the photo

Seated, from left to right: Michael Lananna, Jordan Moses, Tyler Confoy, Melissa Tolentino, Ben Swanson, Kinsey Sullivan, Sarah Sessoms

Standing, from left to right: Zach Potter, Lindsay Sebastian, Laurie Beth Harris, Andy Bechtel, Kelly Parsons, Brooke Pryor, Rebecca Dudley, Alexa Burrell, Andrew Murray

By: Alyssandra Barnes


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